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Paro is the gateway to the country of Bhutan. Situated in the Paro Valley of Eastern Himalaya, the town is full of legends, heroism, and natural splendour. The town is located at an altitude of 2,250 m above the sea level with river flowing gently on its side and making it the most beautiful valley in the country. Though, the capital of Bhutan is Thimphu, but for a longer time of the history Paro had the control of this part of the country.

Population : 4536 Latitide: 27,4333 (2725'59.880"N)
Longitude: 89,4167 (8925'0.120"E) Altitude: 2 278 m


Punakha (Dzongkha: སྤུ་ན་ཁ་) is the administrative centre of Punakha dzongkhag, one of the 20 districts of Bhutan. It is about 72 km away from Thimphu and it takes about 3 hours by car from the capital Thimphu.It is located at an elevation of 1,200 metres above sea level and rice is grown as the main crop along the river valleys of two main rivers of Bhutan, the Pho Chu and Mo Chu. Dzongkha is widely spoken in this district.

Population : 18,170 Latitide: 27,6167 (2737'0.120"N)
Longitude: 89,8667 (8952'0.120"E) Altitude: 1274 M


The capital city of Bhutan, Thimphu is the largest in the whole of the kingdom. It is a beautiful and peaceful place to visit while on a holiday in Bhutan. It is the modern city in Bhutan wherein you can find a large number of restaurants, internet cafes, nightclubs and shopping centers. The city is spread out laterally in a north-south direction on the west bank of the valley formed by the Raidāk River, which is known as the Wang Chuu or Thimphu Chuu in Bhutan.

Population : 89,840 Latitide: 27,4833 (2728'59.880"N)
Longitude: 89,6000 (8935'60.000"E) Altitude: 3052 M


Trongsa is situated midway between Ha in the far west and Tashigang in the far east and is the ancestral home of Bhutan’s royal family. Lying in the centre of Bhutan, Trongsa is of great importance in the history of Bhutan. Trongsa is one of the quaintest and most charming of all Bhutanese towns.

Population : 2805 Latitide: 27.5026 (27° 30' 9.36"N)
Longitude: 90.50716 (90° 30' 25.776""E) Altitude:  2,300 M


Trashigang, or Tashigang, is a town in eastern Bhutan and the district capital of the Trashigang Dzongkhag (district).The town lies on the east side of the valley above the Drangme Chhu River just south of where it is joined by the Gamri River.Trashigang is the eastern terminus of the Lateral Road.

Population : 4519 Latitide: 27,3167 (2719'0.120"N)
Longitude: 91,5667 (9134'0.120"E) Altitude:  1838 M


Mongar is a town and the seat of Mongar District in eastern Bhutan.Mongar is on the road from Thimphu to Trashigang. It is one of the oldest educational hubs of the country. It has a regional hospital and a good standard hotel, among other facilities. The important Yagang Lhakhang monastery is on the outskirts of the town.

Population : 2969 Latitide: 27,2500 (2715'0.000"N)
Longitude: 91,2000 (9112'0.000"E) Altitude:  593 M


Bumthang is the spiritual heartland of Bhutan, and here the most ancient and precious Buddhist sites are located. It is the home to the most important dzongs, temples and palaces. Wangdichholing Palace, the residence of the former king, Ugyen Wangchuk; the temple of Jambey Lhakang, the sacred cave of Kurjey Lhakang; and the largest Bhutanese dzong, Jakar, are all located here.

Population : 21658 Latitide: 27,6000 (2736'0.000"N)
Longitude: 90,8167 (9049'0.120"E) Altitude:  3839 M


Phuntsholing, or Phuentsholing, is a border town in southern Bhutan and is the administrative seat of Chukha District. The town occupies parts of both Phuentsholing Gewog and Sampheling Gewog.

Population : 65892 Latitide: 26,8500 (2651'0.000"N)
Longitude:  89,3833 (8922'59.880"E) Altitude:  293 M